How can I help?

Welcome to my personal info web page. Hopefully you will get all the information here that you need about me. If not, contact me.

So, I am a Foodie with skills, experience and excellent track record in food related management, branding, consulting, PR and media.

I´ve been in management positions in business, agriculture, consulting and media over the last two decades. Through that I´we gained great experience in strategy, branding, marketing, public relations and management. Food and food policy has been the cornerstone of these jobs over the last few years.

I´ve got a master’s degree in Public Management from the University of Iceland and a masters in Food culture, communication and marketing from the University of Gastronomic Science in Bra Italy. I´ve also got experience in writing books, articles and TV manuscripts, both in English and Icelandic. Here you can see some of the TV work I´ve done.

For the past few years I´ve devoted my time to build a new and strong and brave brand for Icelandic Lamb. I love working with farmers and branding sustainable product of the highest quality.

Please feel free to visit the website of European Food Marketing for further information.


“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” — Brundtland Report 1987.