Is Iceland the world’s Fast Food ́s Death Row?

Bloomberg published recently its Healthiest Country Index for 2019. Fifteen of the top twenty  countries are European, with Iceland ranking number three. It could be argued it is because Icelanders eat well and healthy. Well, according to BBC 4 experts in a documentary a few years ago, Icelandic diet is the best in the world. This is thanks to the abundance of quality fish and easy access for consumer to clean and wholesome domestic agricultural products.

Iceland is the third healthiest country in the world after Spain and Italy according to Bloomberg.

Many people find it remarkable that there is no McDonald’s fast food places in Iceland. Especially when you think about how big the chain is, with its almost 40.000 locations in over 120 countries all over the world. Well, McDonald’s tried to get a foothold in Iceland, but was unsuccessful. The doors were shut for the last time in 2009. Hjörtur Smárason, a local Icelander, bought the last burger and it has been on display under a glass dome ever since.

But McDonald’s is not the only fast-food chain that has given up on Iceland. Burger King, Papa John’s and Krispy Kreme have all tried without success. The Dunkin Donuts shops in Iceland were closed in early 2019. Recently, there has been a rumor about Dominos closing in Iceland as well, but the CEO of the local franchise holder says it not true, the company is only being sold and it will stay in business for sure.

Other international chains such as Pizza Hut, Subway and KFC are doing ok in Iceland. However, Iceland does not appear to be a particularly good market for international fast food chains selling sugar to children and junk food to adults. Thank god, Icelanders still appreciate fresh fish, wholesome lamb and pure Icelandic vegetables. One extra point for Iceland!