Have yourself a merry and Slow Christmas.

Everything is starting to look very festive these days. The Christmas songs on the radio and in any shop or cafe you visit go perfectly with the hot Italian Vin Brulé or the Icelandic “Jóla-glögg”, depending on where you spend your December. Hot wine, cinnamon and fruits are the key. And it has some health benefits as well, the Italians say.

Holy night, silent night, and a cookie church.

Anyways, Christmas is just around the corner. Sadly, many people get very stressed around this time of year. What about Christmas dinner? Will it be as good as last year? And the presents. Are they good enough? And doesn’t everybody in the family deserves to get new clothes for Christmas?

Few decorations, just to get into the spirit, are enough.

The answers depends on what kind of Christmas you are aiming for. Lots of people get stressed in lead up to Christmas. Some even get depressed. 

But the answer for these people is simple. Have yourself a Slow Christmas. Cook food that everybody likes, is simple to cook and not too expensive. Enjoy the lights, the Christmas songs without going mad in the fast fashions, fast Christmas buying madness. Your loved ones love you and your company, regardless of how big or expensive presents are or how many hours you spent on the cooking.

Spend your time finding the Slow Christmas spirit, not working day and night to earn money to buy yourself a glamour Christmas.

Just dim the lights, try to gather friends or family around you if possible, watch a good Christmas movie and eat simple, slow, good, clean and fair Christmas food.

Love live, have a Slow Christmas and enjoy it!  Merry Slow Christmas!

December by the harbor in Hafnarfjordur Iceland.