The magic of drinkable rice

Asia would not be what we know it to be without rice. The same goes for Japan and Mie Prefecture in the Kansai region of southern Honshu, Japan’s biggest Island. The rice wine “Sake” is in people’s blood and soul. It is made according to centuries of tradition by people who care more about quality, tradition and spirituality than most Michelin chefs I ́ve ever … Continue reading The magic of drinkable rice

Culinary triumphs from the most humble of places

As a gastronome and a lover of good food, I have always enjoyed the Japanese cuisine. As the son of an Island myself, a fisherman and a culinary expert, I learned all there is to learn about fishing and fish preparation as a young man. I thought! But in Tenpaku´s smoking hut in the village of Shima-shi in Japan, I learned a valuable lesson.pasted image 0.png Continue reading “Culinary triumphs from the most humble of places”